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Cosmetic Tattoo is a semi-permanent procedure  and is very popular. Whether youre wanting to correct asymmetry,  cover patchy hair growth  or are just tired of filling in your brows each morning there is an option to suit everyone.

A machine is used to to implant extremely thin dots of pigment into the skin, creating a soft makeup brow look. This treatment dramatically reshapes sparse, poorly arched and uneven eyebrows, to add colour, fullness, and definition.  All cosmetic tattoos consist of two appointments  4-8 weeks apart (A  and require a $100 deposit. 


brows will need to be maintained to keep them looking fresh and beautiful. Permanent makeup fades over time. In the same way your permanent hair colour fades so does your permanent makeup. In most cases, an annual appointment is required every 12-24 months. 

The pigments which were initially implanted into your dermis break down at different speeds and this is because the larger molecules are harder for your body to metabolise.

If your body is holding onto the larger molecules it is common to be left with hues of colours which in turn may require neutralisation. Neutralisation is the process of implanting either orange, green or yellow pigment to bring the colour back to its original state.


Hybrid brow also known as "brow dye" is a great treatment for clients wanting a longer lasting stain on the skin and hairs. Lasting an average 2 weeks on the skin and 7 week on the hairs. Hybrid brow involves cleansing, waxing, tweezing, trimming, and a custom brow design staining the skin. If your wanting a more subtle stain or a more bold look hybrid can achieve both! 
It is important to understand that it take 1-2 days for your brows to settle into it's colour.


Brow lamination is essentially made to relax the brow hairs, allowing you to manipulate the hairs into your desired brow direction. It gives a silky, shiny and tamed brow. 

This treatment only needs to be done every 6 - 8 weeks.

This treatment isn't recommended for anyone with sparse brow hairs as this will accentuate it. If this is you I  suggest a lamination with the tint or hybrid dye  to help fill in those brows for more density.


Involves cleansing,  mapping, waxing, threading, tweezing, and trimming. Great for clients that need a tidy up or a full reshape. Clients using AHA products or on medications that help speed up the process of skin cell turnover or have very dry skin around the brows will need to opt for threading or tweezing to limit skin lifting during a wax. 


low-maintenance Lash Lift; lasting up to 8 weeks. This treatment enhances your own natural lashes by lifting then using dye to colour the lashes. A great low maintenance treatment for ones that rub their eyes, prefer not to have extensions and want to achieve a more natural look. 


Classic, hybrid, light and full volume, lash extensions are designed to give your lashes a lengthened more glam/fuller look. Maintenance appointments are required every 3-4 weeks to maintain a full look as your natural lashes shed daily. This treatment requires great aftercare and a commitment to keeping your lashes well cleaned. 

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