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Ombre eyebrow is a cosmetic tattoo technique that heals to look very natural. A machine is used to deposit extremely thin dots of coloured pigment into the skin. This treatment reshapes sparse, poorly arched and uneven eyebrows, to add colour, fullness, and definition. It creates the illusion of a more defined but natural looking eyebrow. The ombre technique starts soft and lighter at the beginning of the brow  and gradually gets darker towards the tail. 

This treatment is considered a permanent procedure as you will not be able to wash your result off. However, your body will naturally metabolise the pigment slowly over the years. Please be mindful traces of pigment will always be present. The pigments are carefully selected to suit each individual skin tone. The choice of colours  depend on your skin tone, the colour of your hair and eyes and personal preference.

During your treatment the shape will be carefully mapped, measured and drawn on. The tattooing will only begin once you have agreed that you are happy to proceed, and that you love the shape of your eyebrows.

Initial Appointment

Please email for more information and to express your interest in cosmetic tattoo.

Ombré Brow Tattooing with Tania

Includes: Custom mapping and a tailored brow design, Custom pigment colour match, Topical anaesthetic, Aftercare cream & instructions


Follow up 

A follow up treatment is required 6 weeks after to assess how your skin has held the pigment and to make any adjustments to the tattoo. This must be booked at the conclusion of your initial tattoo appointment.


Cosmetic Tattoo services cannot be booked online due to the personal consideration of each client.

Please email and attach three clear photos (one full face, right side, and left side) in natural light with no makeup. I will endeavour to be in contact with you as soon as possible with my professional recommendation. Please be mindful that there is prep and aftercare for this treatment and Tania will provide a detailed list of instructions as the time of booking. Please read the below list before emailing to ensure you're  suitable  for cosmetic tattoo. 

If you would prefer a face to face consultation, you can book using the online booking system or alternatively you can email me at

Health Terms and conditions

Candidates who are seeking permanent makeup who may be contraindicated (those that I cannot treat) include the following:

  • under 18 years of age

  • Any pre exisiting tattoo work you must email me prior. 

  • Allergic to pigmentation and makeup 

  • You will not be able to receive a tattoo service if you have used (Vitamin A, Accutane, Retinol) within the last six monthsor are currently taking any skin medication/steroids which thin and causes the skin to become sensitive

  • Anyone who is easily triggered post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • You will not be able to receive a tattoo service if you are pregnant or planning on pregnancy.

  • You are a diabetic, haemophiliac, have epilepsy or is Anaphylactic (allergic to metals)

  • You have glaucoma and taking blood-thinners (e.g. Aspirin)

  • If you have skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and/or undiagnosed rashes, blisters, blemishes, acne, sunburn, etc. on the area to be treated

  • Anyone with active skin cancer on the area to be treated

  • Anyone with viral infections, transmittable blood conditions (e.g. HIV or Hepatitis), and/or diseases

  • Anyone with healing disorders

  • Anyone with a Pacemaker, uncontrolled high blood pressure, has mitral valve disorder, or any major heart problems

  • Anyone who has had an organ transplant

  • Undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy (consult your doctor)

  • Anyone who is sick with the cold, flu, etc.

  • You will not be able to receive a tattoo service if you are prone to keloid scarring.

  • Cosmetic botox or fillers should be done two weeks prior or two weeks after your appointment.

  • Prescription drugs - I need to know if you're taking any prescription medication that may cause photosensitising including antibiotics and anti inflammatory medications. 

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